Monday, June 11, 2012

How To Lose Belly Fat With Exercises:15 Minutes Daily Workout Tips

How To lose Belly Fat With Exercises

If you want to lose weight especially those irritating belly fat  and you want to have the kind of body ladies crave for if you a man or you want to being seen as Miss sexy by men,It is about time you pay attention to these most basic exercises that would help you lose belly fat.These exercise would only take 15 minutes of your time daily and you on the way to looking slim and sexy.

My fitness friend,an How to lose belly fat with exercises gave the following cardio exercises as way losing belly fat fast.


This is one of the simple exercise to do but still the best and effective way to burn fat and maintain a slim body. For the first timers, do not try to run as fast as you can as if there is no tomorrow. What you need to remember is not to shock your body system? Remember that by taking easy and gradually up the speed of the pace when you feel comfortable the pace you are running, you will burn fat overall. Keep thinking you're losing weight.

Simply by doing this simple exercise everyday for 15 minutes, you will feel great and the fat will come off by itself.

* Jump rope

Begin by performing two jumps for each turn of the rope. Always land softly with the upper part of your bottom feet. Combine with squat and push up exercises for maximum results. And keep thinking I am losing weight.

This exercise is aimed at working on your abs and remove the excess store of fat from your belly.

* Walking Up The Hill

This is another exercise that will definitely help you to burn fat. Walking up the hill will increase the heart rate and metabolism, thus the sensation and feeling of going through the motion will help you to slim and burn more fat. Start slowly and stop if you're not breathing properly. For first timers, walking up the hill can be quite tiring and you don't want to lose the joy of exercise. So, try to slowly increase the pace and for faster result, combine with running."

This exercise helps in working on your heart as it enables your metabolic rate to work at a faster rate and thus you burn more energy during this process and as you burn energy,unwanted energy, which is fat is removed from your body especially your tummy area.

These three exercises answers the common questions on the lips of people about how to lose belly fat with exercises.And all in 15 minutes of workout daily, you get your body into the shape you love.

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