Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How 3 Belly Fat Exercise Eat Up Your Fat Fast

Belly Fat Exercise

Many people do ask what is the best exercises to lose belly fast in about 2 or 3 weeks. some so called experts will tell you that you just need the sit ups,crunches etc but this don't work.What you need to know is that it takes two vital steps to lose belly fat.

1.You need to first drop the fat and
2. You build up those abs.

You should see your stomach as piggy banks of stored energy. if you will have to let go fat from the piggy banks fast,you then need to withdraw more energy than you get in.That is how things work.

If you want to lose a large chunk of belly fat in few days than weeks, you better get the right belly fat exercises.

What then is the best belly fat exercise? It is those exercises that takes the most calories before and after your workout.

First Exercise-Cardio Training (Interval)

You have to choose your favorite cardio excesses like bike, treadmill,running,walking.You will have to play the dummy to your body by varying the will have to vary the speed both up and down every two minutes.This will enable your metabolism to be in an overdrive and then burn belly fat throughout the 24 hours.

Second Exercise-Squats

This put more pressure on your legs.It works a lot of other muscle groups as well as build the muscle mass.This muscle will burn calories for 24 hrs a day as it eliminate belly fat.

Third Exercise-Weighted Sit-up Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

The last but not the least is focused on your abs. this is by doing weighted sit ups as this help to build a lot of muscle and burn stored fat.It also add muscle tone to the abs too.

In conclusion,so go right now and put this exercise into use as you do this 3 essentials belly fat exercises.

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