Thursday, January 26, 2012

Belly Fat Exercises For Women-Ways To Having The Sexy Look

Belly fat Exercise for Women

Belly fat exercises for women is targeted at the waistline that is the hips,belly and sometimes the upper thighs.This will speed up the rate at which fat burn from these areas.One thing you should note well is that losing stomach fat is not just doing ab crunches and you don't change some of your lifestyles that would do more harm than good.

I am going to give you the basic that will help you get started in losing belly fat thus making your body healthier and attractive.

1. Eating Plan

You can't have an effective belly fat unless you also eat the right kind of foods.These foods are protein at every meal,mixing and matching any following foods like fish,chicken, lean meat,tofu,soy and eggs.

You can add cottage cheese to the list as well and low fat milk too.This foods do help get most of your calories form protein foods.


You don't have to start belly fat exercises as women with hard workouts.You can simply start off by walking.15 minutes walk before breakfast and 15 minutes after dinner is enough and it is one of the basic effective belly fat exercises you can do.

3.The Asian V-Crunch

This is another belly fat exercise love doing that i would recommend.This is because it works  your entire core-midsection and it is great for tightening up your belly with one simple movement. You will first have to lie down flat on the floor.Raise your arms over your head while at the same time you lift your legs and upper body and try to touch your toes.

Don't be tensed up if in the first few weeks you can get this kind of move done,even with a small limited movement while trying is enough to work in your core region.

After trying the toe touching,gently lower yourself slowly back to your starting position but don't allow your shoulders touch the floor.Keep them raised off the ground until you complete more than 10 repetitions and you then get back to the original position.

See that you try out as many belly fat exercises for women at least once every day for the first week before progressing further.

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