Thursday, January 26, 2012

Belly Fat Exercises For Men-Getting Your Stomach Back to Shape

Belly Fat Exercises For Men

Men commonly have issues with their stomach or belly. That is why you have many men looking for ways to lose all their belly fat.No man wants to look ugly for their wife or girlfriend,even the single and searching too.If you have too much fat around the midsection,you should be concerned about losing the belly fat with by taking on exercises.

There are many belly fat exercise for men for you to try out.It is recommended that you do exercise that will work on each part of your stomach hen working out your stomach muscles.

So, you fist need to  work on the upper stomach muscles.You can do this by doing the ab crunch.You lie on your back,bring your legs up and bend your knees in 90 degree angle until your lower leg is parallel to the floor.The next thing you should do is to place your hands on the side of your head next to your ears.Then raise your upper body and try to get your elbows to touch your knees.

To work on your lower stomach, you should lift your legs.This is the best belly fat exercises for men that can done without any equipment. You simply lie with your back on the floor and place your hands palm under your hips.Make your legs straight by lifting them off the ground and then lower them back to the starting position.For a tougher one, you can add ankle weights.

For the stomach side also known as the love handles, you need to do an oblique crunch.It is one of the best belly fat exercises for men. That involve you lying on your back with your knee bent and feet flat on the floor.Position your right ankle on your left knee like you would be sitting in a chair with legs crossed. The next thing is to put your right arm across your stomach and your left hand behind your head.You then raise your body and twist to try to touch your left elbow to your right knee.You then switch to the other side to work the other oblique.

These belly fat exercises for men should done in circular motion. That is, you so ab crunches for as many times as you can,the the leg lifts and then the both sides of your belly. With this, done on a regular basis, you will surely strengthen your stomach muscles.

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