Thursday, January 26, 2012

Belly Fat Exercises For Women-Ways To Having The Sexy Look

Belly fat Exercise for Women

Belly fat exercises for women is targeted at the waistline that is the hips,belly and sometimes the upper thighs.This will speed up the rate at which fat burn from these areas.One thing you should note well is that losing stomach fat is not just doing ab crunches and you don't change some of your lifestyles that would do more harm than good.

I am going to give you the basic that will help you get started in losing belly fat thus making your body healthier and attractive.

1. Eating Plan

You can't have an effective belly fat unless you also eat the right kind of foods.These foods are protein at every meal,mixing and matching any following foods like fish,chicken, lean meat,tofu,soy and eggs.

You can add cottage cheese to the list as well and low fat milk too.This foods do help get most of your calories form protein foods.


You don't have to start belly fat exercises as women with hard workouts.You can simply start off by walking.15 minutes walk before breakfast and 15 minutes after dinner is enough and it is one of the basic effective belly fat exercises you can do.

3.The Asian V-Crunch

This is another belly fat exercise love doing that i would recommend.This is because it works  your entire core-midsection and it is great for tightening up your belly with one simple movement. You will first have to lie down flat on the floor.Raise your arms over your head while at the same time you lift your legs and upper body and try to touch your toes.

Don't be tensed up if in the first few weeks you can get this kind of move done,even with a small limited movement while trying is enough to work in your core region.

After trying the toe touching,gently lower yourself slowly back to your starting position but don't allow your shoulders touch the floor.Keep them raised off the ground until you complete more than 10 repetitions and you then get back to the original position.

See that you try out as many belly fat exercises for women at least once every day for the first week before progressing further.

Belly Fat Exercises For Men-Getting Your Stomach Back to Shape

Belly Fat Exercises For Men

Men commonly have issues with their stomach or belly. That is why you have many men looking for ways to lose all their belly fat.No man wants to look ugly for their wife or girlfriend,even the single and searching too.If you have too much fat around the midsection,you should be concerned about losing the belly fat with by taking on exercises.

There are many belly fat exercise for men for you to try out.It is recommended that you do exercise that will work on each part of your stomach hen working out your stomach muscles.

So, you fist need to  work on the upper stomach muscles.You can do this by doing the ab crunch.You lie on your back,bring your legs up and bend your knees in 90 degree angle until your lower leg is parallel to the floor.The next thing you should do is to place your hands on the side of your head next to your ears.Then raise your upper body and try to get your elbows to touch your knees.

To work on your lower stomach, you should lift your legs.This is the best belly fat exercises for men that can done without any equipment. You simply lie with your back on the floor and place your hands palm under your hips.Make your legs straight by lifting them off the ground and then lower them back to the starting position.For a tougher one, you can add ankle weights.

For the stomach side also known as the love handles, you need to do an oblique crunch.It is one of the best belly fat exercises for men. That involve you lying on your back with your knee bent and feet flat on the floor.Position your right ankle on your left knee like you would be sitting in a chair with legs crossed. The next thing is to put your right arm across your stomach and your left hand behind your head.You then raise your body and twist to try to touch your left elbow to your right knee.You then switch to the other side to work the other oblique.

These belly fat exercises for men should done in circular motion. That is, you so ab crunches for as many times as you can,the the leg lifts and then the both sides of your belly. With this, done on a regular basis, you will surely strengthen your stomach muscles.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Effective Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

Exercise to lose belly fat

If you want try out exercise to lose belly fat, you must not focus on just doing sit ups and crunches alone because you would be wasting your time. Even though a lot of people believe that spot reduction in fat is impossible which is not entirely true as there are statistical differences when you focus on working on only one just area of your body.

One thing you must know is that statistical differences is very small and may take along tine to develop any kind of results you really wanted. so,the secret to burning fat is doing exercises that will increase your heart rate while also using multiple muscle groups that would raise your metabolism,which result into more fat loss.

The first thing you need to know about exercises to lose belly fat are looking for ones that use multiple muscle groups in compound movements such as dead-fits,squats and mountain climbers. One thing though is that these types of exercises is going to be more difficult that doing your regular situps or crunches.

Circuit training is an effective method of burning fat and it is advisable you do such exercise for at least 40 seconds at a time with minimum amount of interval between the exercises.

For exercise that involves all weighted resistance, you need to choose a weight that is very challenging and doesn't cause you to lose form.Some people believe that lifting light weight will help lose fat when done repeatedly,but the truth is that they will not get the best of results in such type of training.

Going for highly exercise to lose stomach fat is by doing a high intensity interval training.This kind of workouts involves sprinting for a set period of time and then relaxing before repeating the cycle.Studies has revealed that this training method 9/10 times is more effective than the traditional steady state cardio exercises.So, this is total no brainier when it comes to working out to lose fat.

Jogging as thee high intensity training session should be for 20 minutes as you don't really need sprints.Other kind of cardio vascular like swimming,spinning and stair climbing will do.

After you might have finished with your resistance training and high intensity training workouts,you can shift your focus to abdominal exercises.Mind you, you should bear in mind that sit ups and crunches will help in building lean muscles in your belly but before your realize this, you have to cut down on the fat that rest on top of it.

The training methods explained above are the most highly effective methods of exercises to lose belly fat.But ensure you take the proper kind of diet because if will be hard losing weight with bad eating habits.

I believe you have discovered some great exercises to lose stomach fat and all that is left is for you to get out there and put them into use.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

5 Effective Stomach Exercise To Lose Belly Fat Fast

5 Fat Busting Stomach Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

I have a secret i love to share to all women who are having problem losing their belly fat.The secrets is that it is possible only for women who would take the time to work hard. There are five fat busting stomach exercise that would eliminate the fat for good.

1.Take Heavy HIIT
The Laval university In Quebec scientist discovered that there is differences between high intensity interval training(HIIT)and regular aerobic exercise that is done at a steady rate.When a test was carried out after three months,it was discovered that Hiit resulted in 3 times as much fat loss,even though the muscle gain some weight.

The HIIT exercisers would lost about half an inch of belly fat when compared to less than one quarter of inch that steady exercisers do.

How to make your body take HIIT.
You need to start the exercise by walking,jogging,bicycle or elliptical routine as normal and then take an easy work out at an easy pace for5 to 7 minutes. after that, walk,jog,pedal or push as hard as you can for only 15 seconds. keep doing that exercise for another 45 seconds,then take a workout as hard as you can for another 15 seconds.Then keep at the exercise for 5 minutes at an easy pace and then go for two more 15 second sprints and cool down for 5 minutes.

For four 15 seconds sprints, you lose triple fat loss.This will take you one minute to lose belly fat for women.

2.Don't do more than 50 sit-ups a week
oing fewer sit ups okay for stomach exercise bell fat?The truth is, if you are dieting g to lose fat, you body won't be able take more than 50 sit up a week.his won't rebuild your ab muscles into a tighter and more powerful contour.a large number of women do lose more belly fat by doing fewer sit ups.

3.Repetitive Higher resistance your muscle can handle

women who want to lose belly fat usually makes speedy progress with resistance machines like the ones you have in a gym.If you want your core muscles be strengthened and the extensors muscles that support your belly, you will need to use your machine to push a hard as you can. Do stop after doing 1 or 2 repetitions of the highest resistance you can move.

Take a week off in order for your muscle to rebuild and reshape themselves. you can do this same exercise once during the week but at a less resistance. this help build endurance and prevent injury but it won't shed off the stomach fat.

4. Try working out with power wheel
this device when put on the floor in front of you, you rool on the wheel back and forth in order to strengthen your abs and core muscles.

It is really good at using more force as you don't have to worry if it would fall under you. your get more muscle training for a less effort with a power wheel than almost any other exercises for abs or sit ups.

5.Try "hanging knee" exercise with foot straps instead of sit ups.

Some women do make effort to flatten their abs by doing the hanging leg exercise. This is done by lying down on the floor and raising your legs up in the air,holding them right there for few minutes and then you gently lower them down. but this kind of exercise do have to do with more stress on the spine.

In order to enjoy the same benefits for your abs without risking your back, it is advisable you do the exercise with foot straps attached to the exercise bar. This will give you just as much benefits for your abs with a much lower risk of back pain

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How 3 Belly Fat Exercise Eat Up Your Fat Fast

Belly Fat Exercise

Many people do ask what is the best exercises to lose belly fast in about 2 or 3 weeks. some so called experts will tell you that you just need the sit ups,crunches etc but this don't work.What you need to know is that it takes two vital steps to lose belly fat.

1.You need to first drop the fat and
2. You build up those abs.

You should see your stomach as piggy banks of stored energy. if you will have to let go fat from the piggy banks fast,you then need to withdraw more energy than you get in.That is how things work.

If you want to lose a large chunk of belly fat in few days than weeks, you better get the right belly fat exercises.

What then is the best belly fat exercise? It is those exercises that takes the most calories before and after your workout.

First Exercise-Cardio Training (Interval)

You have to choose your favorite cardio excesses like bike, treadmill,running,walking.You will have to play the dummy to your body by varying the will have to vary the speed both up and down every two minutes.This will enable your metabolism to be in an overdrive and then burn belly fat throughout the 24 hours.

Second Exercise-Squats

This put more pressure on your legs.It works a lot of other muscle groups as well as build the muscle mass.This muscle will burn calories for 24 hrs a day as it eliminate belly fat.

Third Exercise-Weighted Sit-up Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

The last but not the least is focused on your abs. this is by doing weighted sit ups as this help to build a lot of muscle and burn stored fat.It also add muscle tone to the abs too.

In conclusion,so go right now and put this exercise into use as you do this 3 essentials belly fat exercises.