Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Exercises That Will Burn Belly Fat Fast

Exercises That Burn Belly Fat Faster

I know you might want to say that i am contradicting what i wrote in my previous post about the effectiveness of cardio exercise in losing belly fat. Nevertheless, I am not getting you confused neither am i contradicting what i wrote earlier.

One thing you need to know about exercise that burn belly fat is that no one particular exercise is solution to belly fat issues.Yes, you may do cardio and it do works well if done consistently. But if you do cardio exercise the wrong way like the intensive interval cardio,this won't work as an exercise to lose belly fat effectively.

There are exercise that many people don't know about or they may know but they don't know it works well on losing belly fat. These exercises are the weight training and strength exercises.

what are they and how are they better than the cardio you know.

Read this...

"While it may be true that cardio burns a lot of fat while you're working out (and if you do it right for hours after), weight training is a fat burning booster like no other. Here's why:

What weight and strength training does is to help you develop and increase your muscle mass tissue. We all know that, right?

What you may not know is that muscle tissue is like a flab incinerating oven. It literally goes through fat like a torch. And the good thing is that it does it throughout the day, even when you're resting or sleeping.

You see, muscle tissue is always hungry. It requires a lot of energy to sustain itself, to remain as it is today. The more muscle tissue you have, the more calories you burn every day, no matter how active you are.

Of course, you should still do cardio workouts. They have many benefits like improving your health, strengthening your hearts and lungs, and so on. But for belly fat burning purposes, weight training is more effective."

My recommendation is that you combine both exercises.You begin your exercise with a solid weight training routine and end it with some cardio.If you try this daily and consistently, you will definitely see how much belly fat you lose in no time with these exercises.

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Exercise For Women To Lose Belly Fat: Effective Belly Fat Tips For Women

Exercise for Women To Lose Belly Fat

Are the busy kind of women or you don't just have the time for long hours or days of exercise or workouts in order to lose your belly fat? Then,let me give you some ways to go on how to lose this annoying fat in 2 or 3 workouts per week.If you embark on this exercise for 10 minutes every 3 days in a week,your body will surely burn excess calories all day even after you have left the gym.

The exercise that I would recommend for women to lose belly fat without any hassles is a 10 minutes workout routine.This was propounded by Thomas, a belly fat  blogger.

"The key to losing belly fat in just ten minutes is doing turbulence training. Turbulence training is a form of high intensity interval training that allows your body to increase the amounts of calories it burns just from a short period of intense exercise. Interval training will cause you to burn up to 20 times the amount of calories that you would have burned doing normal steady state cardio. The best benefit of intervals is that you will get a lot of results in a short period of time. Not only does this routine help to melt fat away but also increase muscle and muscle tone.

Lose Belly Fat with This Workout

1 set of Bodyweight Squats (25x)
1 set of pushups(10X)
1 set of Lunges(25x per leg)
1 set of Burpees(25x)
1 set of Mountain Climbers(20x per side)
1 minute of Planks for abs

Stationary Bike or Treadmill Intervals

After doing the exercises listed above as a warm up you will then proceed to doing intervals either on the treadmill or stationary bicycle. Do 5-8 intervals of 30-45 seconds of high intense work followed by 1 minute of rest. So your interval sessions should look something like this:

30 seconds of intense workout on a level of 8 out of 10
60 seconds of rest at a level of 2 out of 10
30 seconds of intense workout on a level of 8 out of 10

This should be done until you have done 3 to 4 rounds of intense intervals followed with a cool-down."

What you stand to gain from all this is that you get a faster results as it pertains to losing belly fat.You can as well burn fat while your work out for less time.This will reduce the belly fat and you will lose weight and fat in your belly.

This also enables you to perform better in other activities and gain more energy.Now you know that even as a woman with little or no time for exercises you can surely lose belly fat steadily and well too.

Monday, June 11, 2012

How To Lose Belly Fat With Exercises:15 Minutes Daily Workout Tips

How To lose Belly Fat With Exercises

If you want to lose weight especially those irritating belly fat  and you want to have the kind of body ladies crave for if you a man or you want to being seen as Miss sexy by men,It is about time you pay attention to these most basic exercises that would help you lose belly fat.These exercise would only take 15 minutes of your time daily and you on the way to looking slim and sexy.

My fitness friend,an How to lose belly fat with exercises gave the following cardio exercises as way losing belly fat fast.


This is one of the simple exercise to do but still the best and effective way to burn fat and maintain a slim body. For the first timers, do not try to run as fast as you can as if there is no tomorrow. What you need to remember is not to shock your body system? Remember that by taking easy and gradually up the speed of the pace when you feel comfortable the pace you are running, you will burn fat overall. Keep thinking you're losing weight.

Simply by doing this simple exercise everyday for 15 minutes, you will feel great and the fat will come off by itself.

* Jump rope

Begin by performing two jumps for each turn of the rope. Always land softly with the upper part of your bottom feet. Combine with squat and push up exercises for maximum results. And keep thinking I am losing weight.

This exercise is aimed at working on your abs and remove the excess store of fat from your belly.

* Walking Up The Hill

This is another exercise that will definitely help you to burn fat. Walking up the hill will increase the heart rate and metabolism, thus the sensation and feeling of going through the motion will help you to slim and burn more fat. Start slowly and stop if you're not breathing properly. For first timers, walking up the hill can be quite tiring and you don't want to lose the joy of exercise. So, try to slowly increase the pace and for faster result, combine with running."

This exercise helps in working on your heart as it enables your metabolic rate to work at a faster rate and thus you burn more energy during this process and as you burn energy,unwanted energy, which is fat is removed from your body especially your tummy area.

These three exercises answers the common questions on the lips of people about how to lose belly fat with exercises.And all in 15 minutes of workout daily, you get your body into the shape you love.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Understanding What Exercise Burns The Most Belly Fat

What Exercise Burns The Most Belly Fat?

How do you feel when you pick on of the latest magazines and see lean,fabulous bodies? Or you want the TV and see your star actors and actresses looking superb with their body shape? I know you feel somewhat inferior to these people all because you have belly fat.

Then you begin to wonder to yourself,what exercise burns the most belly fat.Probably you tried going on a kind of diet before and it just didn't work.Now what do you do? Yes, the answer to what exercise burns the most belly fat is right here for you. do sink this in.

Dr. Scodeller, an expert in the field talked about the fact that there is no particular exercise that burn fat just like that.Scodeller says:
"A lot of research has confirmed this.Well what are these two kinds of exercise? First off, what cardio or aerobic exercise will burn the most belly fat? Actually, any cardio workout will burn your belly fat as long as you do it properly, frequently, and at a high intensity. What exercise burns the most belly fat but not get you sweaty or tired?

There is no such exercise! So you need to make sure that your cardio workout is done daily (as much as possible), 20-30 minutes a day and it is a high intensity workout - it's not just walking around the block at a steady or (don't even think about it) a slow pace. Some examples are aerobic dancing, swimming, and running."

You now see that intensive cardio workout will help burn belly fat steadily and well.This high intensity cardio workout can be something that you found as fun to do.It just for to figure which exercise is fun to do as well as burn the most fat from your belly.

The next exercise is the strength training or weight training.Dr Scodeller says what this taring does to losing belly fat.

"Aside from supporting your cardio workouts by burning calories, it will also keep your metabolism elevated. Why is this important? Keeping your metabolism elevated will help you burn more of that belly fat while making sure you don't gain any more fat than what you're already trying to lose. There are some specific strength training exercises that you do need to do if you're only targeting your abs. You'll need to do abdominal exercises such as ab crunches, leg lifts, and torso twists, to name a few."

You then have to begin with these 2 kinds of exercises and you will start seeing this fat go off gradually.What you will add to it  is that you eat healthy diet and sleep a lot and before you say jack Robinson, you look in the mirror and see a new you in sexy body shape.

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The Best Exercise To Lose Belly Fat Steadily And Effectively

 The Best Exercise To Lose Belly Fat

Nobody likes to see his tummy protruding beyond his/her body.We all like people passing compliments at us especially about the way we look.And if you could only hear people make fun or poke fun at you in any social gathering or events, definitely you should be to think of ways of the best exercise to lose belly fat you have.

Lee Ann in one of his write ups says that sit ups exercise may not be the best exercise to lose belly fat.He says:
"I don't want to imply that sit ups don't work to tone your belly - they do. But, if you have excess layers of stomach fat, then you're still going to have a fat belly no matter how many crunches you do because the fat is sitting on top of the muscle so while you can pull your gut in a little bit, the best way to get rid of belly fat has little to do with exercising.

In fact, you may be surprised that the best exercise to lose belly fat has nothing to do with using your abdominal muscle and everything to do with using your brain!"

Yeah.That is the simple exercise to lose your belly fat.Simply using your brain.

How do I use my brain to lose belly fat?

What the use of brain implies is that you think about what you eat.What you eat will determine how well you will those annoying belly fat fast.

Lee goes on to gives what we need to do to lose belly fat.

"In order to lose unwanted stomach fat, and, in fact all your excess fat, you need to change the way you eat. Contrary to what you may have heard, this does not mean eating no fat, low carb or depriving yourself from certain foods. What you need to do is learn how to eat the right foods in the right combination at the right times. This is fairly easy to do, and once you learn how, you will be able to lose weight (yes, even belly fat) easily without starving and without feeling grumpy and deprived."

So, you see that losing belly fat is not the strenuous exercises you think you have to do to keep the fat away from your belly.It is all about learning how to eat the right way in order to enhance your metabolism and burn more fat.

If you will want to know how to lose belly fat click Here.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Belly Fat Exercises For Women-Ways To Having The Sexy Look

Belly fat Exercise for Women

Belly fat exercises for women is targeted at the waistline that is the hips,belly and sometimes the upper thighs.This will speed up the rate at which fat burn from these areas.One thing you should note well is that losing stomach fat is not just doing ab crunches and you don't change some of your lifestyles that would do more harm than good.

I am going to give you the basic that will help you get started in losing belly fat thus making your body healthier and attractive.

1. Eating Plan

You can't have an effective belly fat unless you also eat the right kind of foods.These foods are protein at every meal,mixing and matching any following foods like fish,chicken, lean meat,tofu,soy and eggs.

You can add cottage cheese to the list as well and low fat milk too.This foods do help get most of your calories form protein foods.


You don't have to start belly fat exercises as women with hard workouts.You can simply start off by walking.15 minutes walk before breakfast and 15 minutes after dinner is enough and it is one of the basic effective belly fat exercises you can do.

3.The Asian V-Crunch

This is another belly fat exercise love doing that i would recommend.This is because it works  your entire core-midsection and it is great for tightening up your belly with one simple movement. You will first have to lie down flat on the floor.Raise your arms over your head while at the same time you lift your legs and upper body and try to touch your toes.

Don't be tensed up if in the first few weeks you can get this kind of move done,even with a small limited movement while trying is enough to work in your core region.

After trying the toe touching,gently lower yourself slowly back to your starting position but don't allow your shoulders touch the floor.Keep them raised off the ground until you complete more than 10 repetitions and you then get back to the original position.

See that you try out as many belly fat exercises for women at least once every day for the first week before progressing further.

Belly Fat Exercises For Men-Getting Your Stomach Back to Shape

Belly Fat Exercises For Men

Men commonly have issues with their stomach or belly. That is why you have many men looking for ways to lose all their belly fat.No man wants to look ugly for their wife or girlfriend,even the single and searching too.If you have too much fat around the midsection,you should be concerned about losing the belly fat with by taking on exercises.

There are many belly fat exercise for men for you to try out.It is recommended that you do exercise that will work on each part of your stomach hen working out your stomach muscles.

So, you fist need to  work on the upper stomach muscles.You can do this by doing the ab crunch.You lie on your back,bring your legs up and bend your knees in 90 degree angle until your lower leg is parallel to the floor.The next thing you should do is to place your hands on the side of your head next to your ears.Then raise your upper body and try to get your elbows to touch your knees.

To work on your lower stomach, you should lift your legs.This is the best belly fat exercises for men that can done without any equipment. You simply lie with your back on the floor and place your hands palm under your hips.Make your legs straight by lifting them off the ground and then lower them back to the starting position.For a tougher one, you can add ankle weights.

For the stomach side also known as the love handles, you need to do an oblique crunch.It is one of the best belly fat exercises for men. That involve you lying on your back with your knee bent and feet flat on the floor.Position your right ankle on your left knee like you would be sitting in a chair with legs crossed. The next thing is to put your right arm across your stomach and your left hand behind your head.You then raise your body and twist to try to touch your left elbow to your right knee.You then switch to the other side to work the other oblique.

These belly fat exercises for men should done in circular motion. That is, you so ab crunches for as many times as you can,the the leg lifts and then the both sides of your belly. With this, done on a regular basis, you will surely strengthen your stomach muscles.